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Council releases video plea to Ajax-Pickering MPP candidates to save the Ajax Waterfront

Friday, May 30th 2014 2:26:20pm

May 30, 2014

Town of Ajax Mayor Steve Parish and Councillors released a video plea today regarding the state of the Ajax Waterfront.

View the Save our Waterfront -- A call for Action from Ajax Council
In the video, Ajax Council calls on Ajax-Pickering MPP candidates to commit to directing the Regions of York and Durham to stop releasing fertilizer-like phosphorous from the Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant.  

The treated sewage flowing from the plant into Lake Ontario contains large amounts of phosphorous which results in massive volumes of algae being produced and deposited on the Ajax waterfront.  A notable element of the algae issue is that the stench of decomposing algae in the summer renders the waterfront unpleasant or unusable.

Ajax Council stands with the recently polled residents who believe the Province of Ontario must act to fix the output of the Duffin Creek Sewage Treatment Plant. In the Town of Ajax commissioned poll by OraclePoll Research, 84% of residents agreed that the Regions of York and Durham should be directed by the Province of Ontario to clean up the Ajax Waterfront by stopping the release of phosphorous that feeds algae growth.

Ajax Council urges residents to tell each provincial election candidate to sign the PACT POW (Pickering Ajax Citizens Together to Protect Our Water) Stop the Algae Pledge and commit to cleaning up our waterfront.


Media Contact:
Christie McLardie, Manager of Communications, Town of Ajax, 905-999-8254,